PDM Migration Toolkit Features

Visual Mapping

Visual mapping tools are used to map the properties and attributes of the source and target systems to a neutral standardized data model. The neutral data model lets each system "speak the same language", which then allows for interoperability between the systems.

Once this mapping is completed it can be re-used for subsequent migrations (for example: consolidating multiple systems).

Default mappings are provided for "off the shelf" PDM systems.

Migration Process Monitoring

The migration process monitor, built into the PDM Migration Toolkit, allows for precise monitoring of the migration process.

This is a critical part of the process, especially for "Big Bang" migrations where the processes can be running for dozens of hours.

Migration statistics are tracked which allow process to be queried, started, and stopped as necessary to assure optimal migration performance.

More features

  • Product structure transformation is supported to allow for on the fly updates.
  • Many to One, One to Many is supported. This allows for many challenging use cases to be realized.
  • Dry Run and Validation Checking is fully enforced. Using vendor certified API's and processes.
  • Big Bang Migrations, Incremental Migrations, Federation Migrations are fully supported, and much more ...

Your benefits

The PDM Migration toolkit is based upon the PROSTEP OpenPDM® software suite.

OpenPDM is the leading product for PLM system integration worldwide. OpenPDM, with its proven, out-of-the-box components, provides you with the unique opportunity to launch your project quickly and ensure a high standard of quality and reliability.

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PROSTEP was founded in 1993 to take advantage of emerging standards in the automotive and aerospace industries in order to facilitate engineering information exchange between heterogeneous companies and systems.

PROSTEP software is based upon proven and open industry standards.

Open standards mean that the solution is developed to be vendor neutral which facilitates bi-directional interoperability between PDM systems from different vendors, or even systems from the same vendor. Recent industry consolidation often leads to the situation where software that is supposedly in the same family does not interact effectively. Standards help level the playing field.

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Frequent answers

We have connectors for your systems!

Our most common question received is, "do you have a connector to migrate System A to System B". The answer is simply yes.
Because of our unique neutral mapping engine in the middle, we make any combination possible. Anything that can talk to our platform (or be made to talk to our platform) can talk to any other system that is also connected.

Fixed price migration services!

Yes! You read that correctly. PROSTEP is so certain that our software and experts have the capability to migrate your PDM systems, that we will provide this service for a fixed price.
Of course we will need your help. You have to provide the appropriate infrastructure, and experts in your own PDM customization / business requirements. You will also be responsible for final validation.

You can do this on your own!

Several PROSTEP customers prefer simply to rent our PDM Migration Toolkit and do the migration project on their own. We are perfectly happy to support this arrangement.

You are not alone!

Let our experts help with the initial setup and most of the heavy lifting. We can get you started and pointed in the right direction. We also can support you with staff augmentation to manage the complete migration project.