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FREE Webinars

PROSTEP offers FREE Webinars which cover everything from general overviews of topics like integration and migration best practices, to deep dive technical training on topics like Visual Mapping, OMG PLM Services and STEP.


A diverse business group or team with several nationalities

PROSTEP Webinars are designed to introduce the attendee to the topic indicated and provide a generalized education from beginner to intermediate. Most of our webinars are not product specific. We promise that you won’t get a 45 minute long commercial for any one of our products. We are honestly interested in educating the community about best practices and options that you previously may have not considered to help you achieve success in your project.

The target audience is typically the business / technical manager or lead for a specific project. Webinars with the word “EXPERT” in the title will get very technical and may be better suited for a lead technical architect or subject matter expert.

Each Webinar starts at the top of the hour (times indicated below) and is about 45 minutes long.

Webinar Schedule

No webinars scheduled at the moment.

Please contact us for upcoming webinars or watch webinar videos.

Webinar Comments

Gagen A., PLM Vendor
"I attended first session and was quite impressed by your experience and knowledge on the subject. Thank you ..."

Steven L., Space
"Very informative. Was a good mix of general migration discussion while showing the capabilities of the tool. ... the information here would have been good to present to management ..."

Anil S., Aerospace
"This was a very nice presentation and impressive stuff! ..."

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